Net sales in Automation increased in the fourth quarter by 44 percent to SEK 828 million (576) and EBITA increased by 35 percent to SEK 103 million (77). Net sales during the financial year increased by 25 percent to SEK 2,716 million (2,180) and EBITA increased by 42 percent to SEK 308 million (217).

The Automation business area experienced a highly favourable market situation in the fourth quarter. The business situation was beneficial in all segments of importance for the business area, such as the process industry, mechanical industry and medical technology, and demand increased for the companies operating in the defence industry. Good margins on organic growth during the quarter resulted in an increased operating margin adjusted for the contingent purchase consideration, which had a positive effect of SEK 10 million on the profit for the preceding year.



Net sales in Electrification increased in the fourth quarter by 28 percent to SEK 732 million (572) and EBITA increased by 41 percent to SEK 89 million (63). Net sales during the financial year increased by 20 percent to SEK 2,629 million (2,194) and EBITA increased by 35 percent to SEK 318 million (236).

Most companies in the Electrification business area ended the year very strongly. The business situation was favourable for input components in the largest segments, such as electronics, energy, special vehicles and telecom. Sales of customised battery solutions increased as did demand from the defence industry.



Net sales in Energy increased in the fourth quarter by 31 percent to SEK 992 million (756) and EBITA increased by 32 percent to SEK 125 million (95). Net sales during the financial year increased by 14 percent to SEK 3,742 million (3,271) and EBITA increased by 19 percent to SEK 467 million (393).

The market situation for the Energy business area was highly favourable in the fourth quarter. Demand for and sales of infrastructure products for national and regional power grids increased from already high levels. The business situation for the units operating in sales of niche products for electricity distribution, the manufacturing industry, expansion of fiber-optic networks and building and installation was favourable, while it remained stable in wind power.



Net sales in Industrial Solutions increased in the fourth quarter by 36 percent to SEK 720 million (530) and EBITA increased by 86 percent to SEK 125 million (67). Net sales during the financial year increased by 48 percent to SEK 2,669 million (1,800) and EBITA increased by 79 percent to SEK 452 million (252). 

For the companies exposed to the forest and sawmill industry, the market situation remained very strong during the quarter, as it also did for companies developing proprietary control and ergonomics products, as well as hydraulic solutions for special vehicles. There was also good demand in waste and recycling, while it was stable for components for the mechanical industry.



Net sales in Process Technology increased in the fourth quarter by 30 percent to SEK 649 million (498) and EBITA increased by 178 percent to SEK 84 million (30). Net sales during the financial year increased by 21 percent toSEK 2,306 million (1,911) and EBITA increased by 78 percent to SEK 299 million (168).

The business situation was generally very strong during the last quarter of the year, and it was particularly favourable for the companies operating in the forest and process industry. Demand for aftermarket and service components, as well as for projects in the energy segment was favourable, while it was stable in the mechanical industry and slightly increasing in the marine segment. Good margins on organic growth, combined with profitable acquisitions, generated an increased operating margin for the business area as a whole.

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